Obtain valuable information from your data

Obtain valuable information from your data

Obtain valuable information from your data

WEBfactory's i4 products connect your machines, plants, buildings, and infrastructure with the digital world.

Record all relevant data exactly where they occur: directly at sensors, in PLC controls or in your MES/ERP systems.

Our i4 products process the collected data to obtain valuable information almost in real time. Important features are the visualisation and control of processes, but also the analysis and prediction of events.

The WEBfactory i4 products are completely based on HTML5 and work with any browser, anywhere and on any device. Existing interfaces for all common protocols and automation devices enable simple integration into your infrastructure.

The ready-made dashboards, libraries, and apps have a modern design and intuitive user interface. This enables you to set up the following applications and systems, for example, in the shortest possible time and adapt them to the individual requirements of your customers:

  • SCADA and HMI applications of machines and plants
  • Building control systems with certified BACnet application (B-AWS)
  • Supervision, control, and monitoring of widely distributed plants
  • Energy management of production sites and properties, also with complex organisational and cost centre structures

Collect data.

i4 products from WEBfactory allow fast, uncomplicated connection of all common PLC controls, measuring instruments and sensors - regardless of where in the world the devices are.

Analyze data.

i4 products from WEBfactory process, compress and structure the collected data and store it in our WEBfactory i4 Data Warehouse for quick queries.

Visualize data.

i4 products from WEBfactory are based 100 percent on HTML5, can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures and work with any browser, anywhere and on any device.

Our products at a glance


i4connected is our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform with which you can digitally connect your plants, machines, systems, and buildings. Implement applications such as Condition Monitoring, SCADA, Predictive Maintenance, and Energy Management in the shortest possible time using predefined software packages. Combine these modules to create customized applications and smart services for each application.


i4SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA & HMI software. Thanks to HTML5 technology, the visualization pages can be displayed in any browser and device. Create modern process visualizations in individual design for machines, production plants, and building control systems. i4SCADA has interfaces to all common PLC controls.


i4BACnet is a modern, completely web-based BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS), certified according to the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5 protocol version 14. Experience the state-of-the-art look and feel of the i4BACnet HTML components. Benefit from the optimal integration of i4BACnet into i4SCADA: Both products together form a powerful, completely web-based BMS software.


The Low-Code-Platform for your HMI, SCADA and IIoT Applications. With i4designer you will benefit from many advantages. The effort for engineering is reduced considerably. At the same time, users are much more flexible: thanks to the low-code approach, they can easily change and adapt created visualizations. As the visualizations in i4designer can be tested with simulation values, you also reduce the costs for implementation.

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