i4SCADA: Easy integration with TIA Portal

i4SCADA is our completely web based SCADA/HMI software. Users can create modern process visualizations in individual design. The i4SCADA Smart Editor makes it possible to create visualizations for machines, production plants or building control systems simply by drag-and-drop. From version 3.8.5 upwards, users of the Siemens TIA portal can connect i4SCADA even more easily.

Companies using the engineering framework TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) can seamlessly integrate i4SCADA into their system landscape by using our connector for the TIA portal. Via the connector i4SCADA can directly access the PLC control and read variable names. The data can be read both:

  • online directly from the controller
  • and offline from the source code.


Clearly arranged and up-to-date at all times

Siemens had already optimized module access in the TIA portal so the data is stored in a way that is most efficient for the PLC. Via the TIA Portal connector i4SCADA can now read the data directly online. The i4SCADA visualization shows the correct variable names and values from the PLC. This makes the process visualization clearer for users. In addition, i4SCADA always accesses current project data, since the software reads the data directly from the PLC instead of the TIA portal.

By using the same symbols as in the TIA Portal, a direct connection between the programming in the PLC and the representation in i4SCADA can be established.

Compatible with TIA system landscapes

Thanks to easy TIA Portal Connector i4SCADA supports:

  • the reading and writing of variables for the Siemens controllers S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500;
  • the latest firmware versions of the S7-1200 (V 4.2.1) and S7-1500 (V 2.5) controllers.
  • direct access to the symbols of a TIA Portal project – online and offline;
  • optimized reading of portal V14 and V15 projects with regard to speed and memory requirements.


Version i4SCADA 3.8 can be downloaded from the Support Portal.