Industrial Internet of Things: the new Version of i4connected is here!

i4connected is our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, which connects plants, machines, systems, and buildings with the digital world. Using predefined software modules, companies can implement applications such as remote monitoring, SCADA, predictive maintenance, and energy management in the shortest possible time – and thus put together their individual IIoT platform. We have further optimised i4connected and are pleased to present the new version 5.5.16. What has changed? Here we give an overview of the most important changes.

The new functions and features at a glance.

Report Archive.

We’ve enhanced i4connected’s reporting functionality to make it even easier for you to create and manage reports. Reports can be triggered individually for each user – both ad-hoc and scheduled. Generated reports are automatically stored in i4connected’s report archive, where they are always available and easy to find thanks to the search function by name and time. Users can view the reports directly in i4connected and save them as PDF documents.

The administration of the reports is also much easier in the new software version: authorised users only have to create a template once and can use it again and again for their reports. Also new: Reports and parameters can be quickly found and configured using the Report Browser.

Online Data Chart.

With the new Online Data Chart, users can now display the i4connected measured values directly as line graphics. In contrast to calculated and aggregated values and KPIs, the Online Data Chart displays the original values in maximum resolution. In addition, i4connected can also be used to display live meter values.

The Online Data Chart displays up to eight curves (with eight different Y-axes) simultaneously. The individual names and measured values for the respective point in time can be conveniently read using the mouse-over function. A zoom-in function allows users to adjust the displayed size as required.

New API.

The new API uses the OpenID Connect authentication standard based on the OAuth 2.0 authorisation protocol. In addition to increased security, this has another advantage: OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect enable secure authorisation and authentication when logging in with various providers – be it Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Yahoo or one of numerous business providers such as Salesforce, Active Directory or Azure AD.

Thanks to our new API, any customer-specific third-party application can interact with the i4connected system, i.e. retrieve, enter or edit data. With OAuth 2.0, your applications can authenticate to i4connected using your preferred authentication providers. For example, if Google Apps are an integral part of your business processes, your custom application can use the same user accounts for the i4connected API.

Mobile App for i4connected.

i4connected 5.5.16 also includes a mobile app version for the first time. Thanks to the i4connected Mobile App, users can now work comfortably with the i4connected platform on the go. This makes it possible to simply enter manually read meter values into the system – with any end device that is currently available.

Users can either use the mobile app completely online and collect and confirm values during ongoing synchronisation – or they can collect the data offline without having to worry about a stable network connection. During offline use, the collected data is securely stored in the mobile app. As soon as the employee is online again, he can synchronise the mobile app with the i4connected system.

And the best thing about the mobile app is that it runs on every Android and iOS device, whether smartphone or tablet, and on all Chromebooks.