ISO 50001: What is an audited energy data management system capable of?

The ISO 50001 standard is a recognized, comprehensive standard for systematic energy management. Energy data management systems like i4connected are granted certification if they comply with the standard. What exactly does this certification entail and what are the benefits for companies that use a certified energy data management system?

Systematic energy management significantly increases energy efficiency in companies. It reduces energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions, and also strengthens competitiveness by reducing costs. Since 2015, our IIoT platform i4connected has been ISO 50001 certified on an ongoing basis and thus meets all the requirements for a modern, efficient tool for long-term energy savings.

Systematically saving energy and reducing costs –
this is how it works

An energy data management system is used to record all energy flows in the plant and the associated energy sources. By analyzing the aggregated data, savings potential and opportunities for improvement are made visible by means of appealing, easy-to-grasp visualizations. The revealed potentials are then evaluated in terms of cost-effectiveness and can subsequently be implemented. Systems such as i4connected thus help in the decision-making process for investments in energy efficiency.

Tip: To achieve long-term improvements in energy efficiency, we recommend that companies set specific energy targets. Target achievement can be conveniently measured in the system using key performance indicators.

Services of a certified energy data management system

The independent system audit according to ISO 50001 ensures that an energy data management system meets all the necessary requirements for improving energy efficiency in companies. The following characteristics and functionalities of i4connected were verified within the framework of the auditing:

  • Performance of dependency analyses
  • Prices can be stored for determination of costs
  • The software is compatible with standard communication interfaces and data transfer technology for the import of the measurement data recorded
  • Various types of diagrams and depictions of energy consumption can be selected
  • Time-controlled and event-controlled reports can be drawn up automatically
  • CO2-balances can be drawn up automatically
  • The contents of the automatic reports can be customized
  • Report are generated in established, common formats
  • Customized threshold values can be specified for an early warning system
  • The software is set-up according to the PD CA-cycle or supports implementation thereof
  • Access rights can be customized for each user
  • The system can be operated intuitively and is user-friendly

Our energy data management system verifiably supports compliance with the requirements of the following chapters of the standard ISO 50001:2018:

  • Energy review
  • Energy performance indicators
  • Energy baseline
  • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of energy performance and
  • Input to management review