New release for i4connected

With version 5.6.15, a new release for i4connected is now available. Customers with a hosted solution and SLA will receive the updates automatically and all necessary information from support. Customers without SLA please contact the sales department for further information. Besides the usual performance updates and bug fixes, there are many interesting new features:

Single Sign on.

The i4connected single sign-on implementation allows users of i4connected systems to log in once and use all web applications with one login: e.g. i4designer SCADA web applications, i4connected web applications and the API. This allows you to access i4designer apps directly without having to log in to i4connected first. In addition, we have been able to increase security through SSO as all data is protected and secured according to current best practices.

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Easy invitation of users.

In the latest version of i4connected, we have introduced the possibility for existing users with the appropriate rights to easily invite new users and assign them the appropriate rights directly. This way, the invited user can accept the invitation and automatically receives access to all resources assigned and authorised to him. This minimises the effort in user management and simplifies the allocation of new users with the respective roles and rights.

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Compression of signals for optimised resource use.

The i4connected signal compression feature allows users to select, preview and apply compression settings to signal data to reduce space requirements and operating costs. You can set the deviation within which the values are to be combined, as well as the minimum and maximum time intervals between two values. In the preview you can see the effects of compression on your data in real time with comparison between raw and compressed data. You can apply compression to all signals individually.

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Revised charts.

We have adapted and revised the charts such as the Load Profile or the Delta Analysis. You now have higher performance and more data points and higher resolutions can be displayed. In addition, you can now display up to four different Y-axes for different units.

Easy browsing of HMS Hub projects.

We have extended the connector for the HMS Hub and, as with Ewon and Netbiter, introduced the function that you can easily browse and import your HMS Hub projects into i4connected. This saves you valuable time and means that you do not have to carry out configurations twice. All settings and historical data from the HMS Hub are imported and transferred with just a few clicks, always using the latest protocol version.

General Updates.

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