New Releases for i4SCADA (3.8.11) and i4designer (1.17)

i4SCADA 3.8.11

Better performance for SIMATIC connectors

  • We have revised our SIMATIC driver for better performance. This makes the initialisation phase shorter and the application starts faster. In addition, we have introduced support for direct or indirect project access for Simatic TIA and filtering for faster engineering.
  • In addition, we have integrated the latest libraries from Deltalogic for better performance and stability.

Support for Beckhoff ADS 3

With the latest version of i4SCADA, you can use your Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 controllers in your projects via ADS 3.

Performance Updates for SchedulerPro and MessengerPro

The i4SCADA add-ons MessengerPro and SchedulerPro have received performance updates so that you can work even easier and faster with them.

Automatic licence update and upgrade

We have introduced a workflow with which you can update and upgrade your licences very easily and automatically. After you have purchased licences, you can activate them via the licence portal with just a few clicks. You will also receive an overview of all licences you have purchased that have not yet been activated.

i4designer 1.17

New Charts and Tabels

We have added a new trend infrastructure in i4designer, i4SCADA and i4connected. This allows you to use the new trend components Data Chart and Data Table in your projects. The new chart and table components allow you extensive and very individual configuration and display options for your process data. You can create and save any configurations with just a few clicks. In addition, charts and tables can be grouped on one page and parameterised via a common toolbox, for example for the same time period.

i4SCADA Synchronisation

You can now easily synchronise all signals of your i4SCADA installations into i4designer to create your process visualisations there easily and quickly. After setting up the connection token in i4SCADA Studio and starting the synchronisation service, you can import all your signals into your i4designer project. From there, you can use the signals in your visualisation pages to create your dashboards and overviews. Afterwards, you can publish the finished visualisation with one click back to the i4SCADA server and open it in your browser.

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