New version 5.6.12 of i4connected available.

A new release for i4connected is now available with version 5.6.12. Customers with a valid SLA can get all necessary information from support. Customers without an SLA, please contact Sales for more information. Next to normal performance updates and bug fixes, there are many interesting new features:

New Adapters.

E-Mail Events Adapter.

The Email Adapter is capable to process configured Email data from a predefined mail server, using email protocols like IMAP, POP3 and Exchange. This means that Alarms from a third party systems can be send via email and through the email adapter automatically read into i4connected where they can trigger events and alarms based on predefined rules. This gives you as user additional freedom on how the alarms from heterogenous systems can be used in i4connected as a central platform.


We’ve introduced a new adapter for GridVis devices. The scalable GridVis network analysis software enables realization of the three applications of energy management, power quality monitoring and residual current detection. The new adapter gives you the possibility to add all Janitza devices through GridVis and use it in i4connected to remotely analyse and monitor the equipment.

Updated Reporting

We’ve also updated the reporting section to make it easier for you as user and administrator to work with reports and give you more flexibility.

  • You can now use custom parameters in reports, which means that once the template is set, the user can determine which specific KPIs, sites, organisational units etc. need to be included in the report directly in the user interface of i4connected.
  • We’ve added Excel as an output format. This means that all reports that you create can now be generated as a static PDF file or as Excel file in case you need more flexibility and want to further manipulate your data. Once the template is created, the user can select the output format while scheduling reports giving all the flexibility on what the user needs.

i4designer Synchronisation.

Passive Synchronisation.

Active synchronization between i4connected and i4designer exchanges all information via an API. However, it may happen that i4connected is on premise and not publicly available, while i4designer as a cloud application is always publicly available. Passive Synchronization solves this problem and gives the user many options to work with projects that are on premise at the customer and not running in the cloud. It also allows the user to select which type of synchronization to use when creating i4designer projects. Additionally, i4connected allows the user to select the data and information that can be shared between i4connected and i4designer, granularly extending usage rights to all projects.

Saving i4designer configurations in i4connected.

With the new mechanism for configuring components, you can create specific configurations for individual components for i4designer applications and save them in the database. This means, for example, that you can place a chart in an application and save multiple configurations for it. You can save a default configuration that is loaded each time you open the application, as well as additional configurations that can be loaded at the click of a button. The configurations can either be private for the respective user or shared between users with the appropriate rights within the organization.

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General Updates.

  • We’ve added the weekly time resolution to Load Profiles, Object Delta and Time Delta Dashboards.
  • The list of Devices and Device filtering function have been extended with information about Device description.
  • Improved administrative capabilities when using external login providers regarding user handling, updating, and user registration.