With drag-and-drop to your HTML5 visualisation.

Web-based Engineering Platform for SCADA and HMI Solutions.

The digital transformation is also changing the way companies monitor their production processes. Classic SCADA and HMI systems are reaching their limits when machines and plants are increasingly to be monitored and controlled via tablets, smartphones or directly via web browser. The trend is therefore towards device-independent solutions based on HTML5. However, visualising processes with such a solution is often a challenge.

Creating web-based process visualisations usually means much more effort for the developer and less comfort for the user at the same time. In order to remedy this situation, we developed the i4designer – originally as part of our SCADA software. This is a fully graphical, cloud-supported engineering platform that allows HTML5-based visualisations to be created quickly and easily. The tool can also be used independently of i4SCADA for all other common SCADA and HMI applications. The advantage: Users only need a single, intuitively operable software, which considerably reduces the development effort for visualisations.

Create visualisations with minimal effort.

The i4designer allows to generate applications by simply importing text files. This allows companies to save up to 90 percent of development time. New applications can be created just as easily: A symbol library with more than 1,000 standard symbols offers a wide selection for the most diverse visualisation projects. Users can position and align the symbols conveniently by drag-and-drop and, if required, add customer-specific symbols at any time using a Software Development Kit (SDK). Users can create their own master templates with parameter transfer for recurring projects, reducing the engineering effort even further.

Easily manage shared projects.

The project management uses a Git repository to easily manage all versions of i4designer applications. We have integrated this popular tool into i4designer, especially with a view to collaborative work: The Git repository allows multiple users to develop a visualisation together, with each user automatically using the latest version. Older versions can be easily restored as needed. Once the visualisation is complete, the software transfers the project files to the target system. Depending on the system and application, this can be done online or offline, for example via an FTP server or a USB interface.

A visualisation for all controls and devices.

With the i4designer, companies reduce the development effort for web-based visualisations to a minimum. In operational mode, machine and plant operators also benefit from the HTML5 solution, for example through a uniform user interface on each machine or plant, regardless of the PLC used. Thanks to Responsive Design, the user interface always adapts optimally to the respective end device – whether Panel PC, Tablet, Smartphone or stationary PC. This makes it easy to work anywhere: from a compact plant and extensive factory premises to globally distributed locations.