i4BACnet - the Web-Based Management Control System for Your Building Management System.

i4BACnet is certified according to the current BACnet standard and is equipped with many features that allow you to create a complete BACnet BMS in no time. You can use it with all browsers and on all devices independent of the operating system.

With i4BACnet you can implement your BACnet-compliant building management system!

Today BACnet is the only worldwide standard communication protocol for building automation according to ISO 16484-5: Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. Most tenders in building automation require the BACnet standard. With i4BACnet you can manage all your BACnet objects easily, flexibly and efficiently.


i4BACnet is a modern, fully web-based and BACnet compliant management and operating unit software.

The i4BACnet HTML components with their state-of-the-art look and feel are also available as SmartEditor extensions.

i4BACnet automatically detects all connected BACnet devices - even during runtime.

The i4BACnet service hub connects any number of i4BACnet services with i4SCADA and i4connected to a transparent and homogeneous application - both on-premises and in the cloud.

Thanks to the integration into our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform i4connected, you can quickly and easily implement applications such as energy management, condition monitoring or alarm management.

The functions and advantages of i4BACnet at a glance.

i4BACnet Library.

  • Use the HTML5 library with its state-of-the-art design either as a SmartEditor extension or as a library, for example in Microsoft Visual Studio code.
  • The properties of the HTML5 controls can already be parameterized during engineering and during operation.
  • The HTML5 controls have a modular structure and work closely together via internal events. Thanks to the wide range of possible combinations, you can also easily implement very specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive and pre-settable filters such as name, object ID, MAC address, properties, etc. ensure a clear presentation even for large BACnet projects.
i4bacnet schedule
i4scada service

i4BACnet and i4SCADA.

  • The i4SCADA BACnet connector connects i4BACnet with i4SCADA for read and write access.
  • You can parametrise your BACnet objects by adding the BACnet connector in the i4SCADA Studio.
  • With the help of a browsing function, your BACnet objects including their properties can be clearly displayed in the Studio and linked to i4SCADA signals.
  • The i4BACnet service is integrated in the i4SCADA Service Manager and can be easily managed.

Application example: Building management system.

  • i4BACnet is fully integrated into i4SCADA.
  • You can freely design visualization pages with BACnet and SCADA controls: Either compose them with the SmartEditor simply by drag-and-drop or let them be created automatically via configuration files.
  • The controls have Responsive Design for optimal display on smartphones and tablets.
  • Properties of your BACnet objects can be linked with signals in the SCADA/HMI software i4SCADA, for example to display operating states.
  • The software transfers the target values in i4SCADA directly to the BACnet devices.
  • Any number of i4BACnet MBE-Bs can communicate with an i4SCADA runtime.

Application example: Energy management.

  • With the SCADA function of i4BACnet you can display all online values of your ISO 50.001 certified energy management.
  • The software automatically sends user-specific reports.
  • i4BACnet automatically forwards alarms and messages via e-mail and SMS and documents them in an archive.
  • i4BACnet is fully integrated into the IIoT platform i4connected.
  • Properties of your BACnet objects can be linked to signals in i4connected to display energy consumption.
  • Any number of i4BACnet MBE-Bs can communicate with an i4connected runtime.
  • Further interfaces such as OPC UA, Modbus etc. can be easily integrated via i4connected.

What can we do for you?

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