i4connected - the Platform for your IIoT Applications.

i4connected, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform from WEBfactory, connects your plants, machines, systems and buildings with the digital world. Thanks to predefined software packages, you can implement applications such as condition monitoring, SCADA and energy management in the shortest possible time.

Digitize and Manage Machines, Plants, Systems, and Buildings. Worldwide. Economically.

With the IIoT platform i4connected you can connect machines, plants, systems and buildings quickly and easily to the digital world. The modular and scalable IIoT platform grows with your requirements. So the start into the digital world is at the push of a button. Simply log on and immediately keep an eye on systems, machines, plants and buildings via the web as well as record and evaluate data.

Monitor machines and plants at any time, by any person in charge and everywhere with mobile devices thanks to meaningful key performance indicators. control. manage. This is very easy with our web-based solutions.

Developers and system integrators can save a lot of time with HTML5 based visualization solutions, if they want to implement the most different requirements for different customers: Because no programming skills are required. BYOD is also so easy to implement.

With i4connected you can

  • Monitor your production facilities online and calculate all relevant key performance indicators (OEE, availability, performance, quality).
  • Cover energy management for all your production sites, even for complex organizational and cost centre structures.
  • Operate, control and monitor your decentrally distributed machines and plants.
  • Centrally record and evaluate your distributed measuring stations.

i4connected offers modules for condition monitoring, SCADA and energy management. These modules can be combined into individual Smart Services as required.

i4connected is connected online to PLC controls, measuring systems and sensors and updates all KPIs almost in real-time. This gives you a quick overview at all times.

i4connected combines business data from your back-end systems, such as ERP systems, MES or CMMS, with real-time data from the process and stored business rules. You benefit from an optimally integrated solution.

Each user can easily put together his personal user interface and complete his tasks in the shortest possible time. Thus, i4connected makes daily work easier for your employees.

Thanks to a modern architecture, defined and documented interfaces, and a modular concept, i4connected allows easy integration of extensions. This allows you to react flexibly to changes at any time.

i4connected can be operated in a private or public cloud. For maximum performance, scalability, and availability, processes can be distributed across different nodes and clusters.

i4connected Platform for IIoT Applications - Digital Connectivity: Powerful. Simple. Individual.

Easy and Fast Administration and Configuration.

  • Powerful user administration with role and rights management, connection to Microsoft Active Directory and identity and access management system
  • Mapping of the entire organizational structure in the form of hierarchies (companies, locations, divisions, …) without any restrictions on the hierarchical levels.
  • Standard interfaces to subsystems, reporting and alarming platforms
  • Raw data archive with single value correction
  • Extensive plausibility checks during data transmission with monitoring of limit values
  • Editor for all types of formulas with physical and custom unit

Plug and Play Devicemanagement.

  • Powerful and intuitive user interface allows easy connection of devices
  • Import of configuration data from previous systems for automated configuration
  • Connection of devices with standard protocols like MQTT, AQMP, OPC UA, BACnet, but also SQL, CSV and MSCONS
  • Wide range of manufacturer-specific adapters for Ewon Flexy, Netbiter, Anybus Edge, Carel, Danfoss
  • Adapters for all common cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google

Role and Access Rights: Create Complex User Roles Easily - Manage Them Securely.

  • Simple, transparent and flexible role management
    Administrators control all user permissions
  • Assignment of rights for access to locations, areas, costs, machines and process values
  • Finely tuned authorization concept makes user access secure
  • User authorizations are implemented together with and for the respective departments
  • Every user gets the right access to machines and systems, so the interaction becomes successful
  • Each user can have multiple roles
  • Role management is a process – start with the most important authorizations and simply extend them step by step
  • Specialists, who are familiar with and experienced in industrial automation, support you
  • Responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure that all parties involved work together successfully
  • Structured assignment (read only / manage / configure) minimizes security risks

Location Tracking in Real-Time.

  • Automatic monitoring using location data from the device
  • Notifications of unauthorised movement, or leaving of certain areas (fences)
  • Movement history for each device

Standard Dashboards for different Applications.

  • Line, bar, cake, grid and raster diagrams for the graphic display of
    • media KPIs such as energy consumption, base load, load curve, and much more.
    • production KPIs such as OEE, productivity losses, downtime frequency, and much more.
    • for alarm and message frequency, alarm and message duration
  • Calculation of any media and alarm KPIs for entire organisations – also across locations

Process Visualisations via Drag & Drop.

  • Create real process visualizations via drag & drop with i4designer
  • Extensive symbol libraries with > 1000 HTML controls for various use cases and evaluations
  • Master templates with parameter transfer for recurring process graphics
  • Consideration of access rights for multi-tenant scenarios with secured read and write access
  • Process visualizations can be linked to locations / areas / organizational units / devices and individually parameterized for each entity
  • Process visualizations can be published in i4connected by i4designer with one click

Alarming and Messaging.

  • Report designer for creating report templates
  • Report templates can be applied individually via parameters
  • Report templates can be released per user
  • Calendar-based, automatic dispatch of reports
  • Report archive with filter function and report display


  • Report designer for creating report templates
  • Report templates can be applied individually via parameters
  • Report templates can be released per user
  • Calendar-based, automatic dispatch of reports
  • Report archive with filter function and report display

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.

  • Comfortable app for Smartphone and Tablet
  • Graphical display of the values over adjustable time ranges
  • Sequence of measured values parameterisable
  • Values are checked for plausibility during input
  • Online and offline recording with subsequent synchronisation
  • Access authorisations via user management
  • Display of assigned alarms with acknowledgement function

Why customers choose i4connected.

The flexibility of the system. The possibility for a local superuser to make changes (dashboard, reports, factory overview).

The ability to create reports, dashboards, SCADA overview, a factory overview, the ability to control everything in the same solution.

The pricing model that allows for gradual growth. At the same time, the included SLA ensures structured support.

The existing reference installations with factories of the same size as us.

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