Complex HTML5 - programming was yesterday!

i4designer is a low-code platform to create HTML5 applications for i4HMI, i4SCADA, i4BACnet and i4connected visually and without programming knowledge.

Using the modern and easy to learn user interface of i4designer, "programming" becomes " configuring".  With the help of drag-and-drop, the creation of visualization applications for web and mobile is possible without much training and without programming knowledge. This drastically reduces the engineering time. At the same time, users are much more flexible: Thanks to the low-code approach, they can easily change and adapt created visualizations. This not only reduces software maintenance costs to a minimum, but also enables them to implement iterative prototyping and agile software development.

Since the applications can be tested immediately in i4designer, the costs for commissioning are also reduced considerably.

With i4designer, it is easier than ever to adapt visualizations to the customer's requirements - the best prerequisite for implementing projects successfully and within the given budget.


Create HTML5 applications for i4HMI, i4SCADA, i4BACnet and i4connected visually by drag-and-drop and without programming effort or fully automated by importing JSON files.

Powerful functions support you in the professional design and implementation of your individual customer applications within the given budget.

Work in a team on joint projects at the same time. All projects are centrally available in one place - always in the latest version. This makes you independent in the design of your work and lets you implement changes quickly.

Reduce the costs for commissioning at the customer's site and test all functions already during application development. Extensive simulation options are available for this purpose.

With the 1-Click-Publish function you can transfer your applications to your customer's hardware or infrastructure with just one click. If no online connection is possible, you can use the download function.

Video tutorials explain the correct procedure using application examples and guarantee a short familiarization period. The online documentation also contains all the technical details, and a news feed keeps you up to date.

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