i4SCADA - the Visualization Software for Operating and Monitoring Machines and Plants.

i4SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA & HMI software. Create modern process visualizations with i4SCADA in individual design for your machines, production plants and building control systems.

i4SCADA - State of the art SCADA& HMI software.

i4SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA & HMI software. Thanks to HTML5 technology, the visualization pages can be displayed in any browser and device. Create modern process visualizations with individual designs for operating and monitoring machines, production plants and building management systems. i4SCADA has interfaces to all common PLC controls.

With i4SCADA you can…

  • visualize and safely operate your machines and systems via tablet or smartphone.
  • collect data from PLCs or proprietary systems centrally and make it available to users everywhere.
  • create your powerful BMS for efficient building operation using timer, alarm and message forwarding modules and seamless integration with i4BACnet.
  • create process visualizations for your distributed plants and interconnect them with i4connected without additional effort in a cloud based process visualization solution.


i4SCADA is a full-featured SCADA & HMI software which allows you to create modern, individually designed process visualisations for your machines, production plants and building management systems.

100 percent web technology and responsive design ensure optimal display of the visualisation pages in all browsers, on all devices and with every operating system.

Equipped with a security certificate according to the CERT standard, i4SCADA is ideally suited for use in security-relevant networks and environments.

Thanks to powerful rights management, control functions are carried out safely and reliably.

Extensive libraries with more than 1000 controls for different applications and easy to create project templates minimise the engineering time - up to the fully automatic development of your application.

i4SCADA is modularly expandable with add-ons, such as MessengerPro, SchedulerPro, IoTManager and cluster services.

The functions and advantages of i4SCADA at a glance.

i4SCADA Smart Editor – Engineering and Design.

With the i4SCADA Smart Editor you can create completely web-based process visualisations in a few minutes via drag-and-drop – without any programming knowledge. With an intuitive user interface, you only need a short training period for the tool. The symbol library contains more than 1000 symbols. If required, you can extend the Smart Editor with your own symbol libraries. Projects can be easily transferred to other users via the publishing function. The i4SCADA Smart Editor supports a wide variety of devices through responsive design.

For more complex applications you can use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or any other HTML editor to visualize your i4SCADA processes.

i4SCADA components

i4SCADA Symbol Libraries - Design process visualisations easily.

The i4SCADA symbol library currently contains more than 1000 different HTML5 components and symbols. These include static symbols for process engineering and building management, backgrounds with color gradients and a variety of symbols for general use. You can extend the existing symbol libraries at any time according to your specific requirements.

With the help of switches and buttons, users can switch aggregates on and off and set values. Numerical and alphanumeric values can be entered and output in a freely definable display format. i4SCADA checks the plausibility of numerical values and physical units. Numerical values can be shown on a display scale, where you can freely select the scaling and color. The font and style of text displays are also freely selectable, as are the background and foreground colors.

i4SCADA Studio - Manage project databases professionally.

With the i4SCADA Studio  you can create, edit and manage your project databases. This includes the configuration of the communication with the underlying PLC controls, the creation and editing of all process variables, the parameterisation of the i4SCADA Historian and the i4SCADA Alarm Manager. Furthermore, you set up the user management, the various languages, the script libraries and the add-ons with the i4SCADA Studio.

i4SCADA is an open SCADA system with an integrated standard interface for OPC DA and OPC UA. In addition, interfaces to all well-known PLC controls are included.

Your process visualisations can be switched to all common languages during operation. With the i4SCADA Studio you can supplement standard texts with project-specific texts and add new languages.

i4SCADA Studio
i4scada logging

i4SCADA Historian - Store and manage process information.

i4SCADA Historian is an integral part of i4SCADA Runtime. i4SCADA Runtime collects process data almost in real time and stores it in the i4SCADA Historian database. The storage of the data can be time controlled or triggered by process values and events. Thanks to the scalable architecture and integrated data compression algorithms, the process information is stored in an optimised way. As a result, the TCO is extremely low.

For further processing and analysis, the data can be transferred via existing interfaces to i4connected, Azure IoT and other systems. i4SCADA Historian is optimized to use the latest hardware and Microsoft SQL Server features.

i4SCADA Alarm Manager - Trigger, display and forward online alarms.

The i4SCADA Alarm Manager is an essential part of i4SCADA Runtime. It links online process values in real time with the stored alarm rules to online alarms. The software classifies the alarms according to alarm groups, classes and ranges. You can either create the alarms in the i4SCADA Studio or import them as CSV files.

The i4SCADA Alarm Manager outputs additional information to the alarms, such as alarm description, duration and status. Alarm processing routines and display options are easily defined. A context menu contains a variety of acknowledgement options. Users can, for example, group alarms into collective alarms and acknowledge them with or without comment input. Clear operator guidance, including the cause of the alarm, the effect and instructions on what to do, enables faults to be rectified quickly.

i4SCADA Alarme
i4SCADA recipe manager

Manage complex production processes.

With i4SCADA you store and manage your recipe definitions centrally as XML files. You can create any number of recipe definitions and edit them comfortably during operation. i4SCADA links recipe lines with signals. Current values can be transferred to the recipe by mouse click (“Teaching”). Comprehensive filter options and tables for target/actual comparisons ensure a clear presentation.

i4SCADA SchedulerPro - Automatically switch systems on and off.

With the i4SCADA SchedulerPro you can easily switch your lighting, heating and ventilation systems on and off. Define automatic switching operations for individual days, weeks, months and years. Switching programs can be edited and monitored from any location via a uniform user interface. Existing systems can be easily integrated via open interfaces.

The tool clearly displays all switching programs up to the process level. Comprehensive planning tools simplify the creation, project engineering and administration of switching programs. Users can, for example, combine several programs into templates and reuse them for similar switching operations. This relieves your employees of routine tasks. The i4SCADA SchedulerPro also allows you to easily implement exceptions via alternative programs.

i4SCADA Scheduler
i4scada messenger

i4SCADA MessengerPro - Reliable and direct error reporting.

As soon as a malfunction occurs, the i4SCADA MessengerPro informs the responsible service personnel directly and safely. An automatic escalation management with acknowledgement of receipt ensures that the next employee in the reporting chain is informed immediately if there is no feedback. The tool takes into account absences due to illness and holidays as well as shift changes. Alarms can also be output as voice messages in the respective local language.

You can conveniently manage your users and on-call schedules with the software. For example, it is possible to combine the plans of different areas into an alarm group. When changes are made, the i4SCADA MessengerPro automatically adjusts the on-call schedules immediately – during operation.

With the help of documentation, evaluation and statistics functions, you also get a detailed overview of the frequency and causes of malfunctions as well as the efficiency of the initiated measures.

Reliable protection against system failure with i4SCADA Cluster.

i4SCADA Cluster checks at any time whether server applications, communication channels and components of the overall system are working smoothly. In case of failure i4SCADA Cluster immediately switches to a parallel running server to ensure the high availability of the application. You can create the cluster environment easily and dialog-guided and thus avoid duplicate hardware by using existing resources. Further advantages of the i4SCADA cluster are uninterrupted production through hot standby and immediate, automatic switching to the backup server in case of malfunction as well as parallel data storage and automatic synchronization between primary and backup servers. In addition, you can conveniently manage the redundant systems via a Web frontend.


i4SCADA IoT Manager - the connection to the Azure Cloud.

With the i4SCADA IoT Manager your local i4SCADA servers can communicate directly with the IoT Hub in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. In addition to online values from PLC controls, you can transmit all alarms and messages as well as data from the i4SCADA Historian 128-bit encrypted to the IoT Hub. In Furthermore, individual elements can be activated for transmission in the i4SCADA Studio. In order to transfer data from i4SCADA to the IoT Hub, you only have to set the data format accordingly.

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