i4BACnet – your software for web-based building management systems.


WEBfactory offers you a web-based, management operating system software for your building automation and building management system (BMS) that is certified in accordance with BACnet: i4BACnet.

i4BACnet – web-based BACnet building management system

Today BACnet is the only worldwide standard communication protocol for building automation in accordance with ISO 16484-5: Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. The BACnet standard is a strict requirement for most building automation tenders.


i4BACnet Runtime: Communication with all devices

i4BACnet is the web-based management operating system software (B-OWS/B-AWS) from WEBfactory for building automation and building management systems (BMS). i4BACnet is certified in accordance with the current BACnet standard and equipped with many functions, with which a complete BACnet BMS can be created in a very short time.

With i4BACnet, HTML controls with state-of-the-art look-and-feel and the more than 500 HTML controls of i4SCADA, BMS applications that are completely web-based can be conveniently created via drag & drop. These controls can be used in all browsers and on all end devices regardless of the operating system.


i4BACnet Automatic Discovery Service: Automatically into the network

Is the objective to commission extensive BMS applications separately according to individual trades? In this case it must always be possible to integrate new devices into the BACnet network. The Automatic Discovery Service of i4BACnet searches for new BACnet devices in the network and integrates them in the existing network.


i4BACnet HTML5 library: Individual HTML5 controls

The i4BACnet HTML5 library contains individual HTML controls for trends, scheduler, calendar, loop, alarms and backup. Provided with state-of-the-art design, the library can be used in any HTML visualisations desired.

The HTML5 controls are modularly structured and work closely together via internal events. Thus they can be combined as desired – and they can be quite easily adapted to specific requirements via the varied properties. For use in the i4SCADA SmartEditor the controls are combined in the SmartEditor extension. They can be combined together with all other controls without limitation and arranged via drag & drop.

Likewise the HTML5 controls can also be used with other HTML editors, such as Visual Studio Code from Microsoft. And it is just as easy to integrate them in third-party applications.


i4BACnet filters: User-specific filter configuration

All i4BACnet HTML controls have preset filters for name, object ID, MAC address and for the properties that are already preset in the project planning, but which you can also change at runtime. Thus even very large BACnet projects can be presented in a clear and understandable manner.


i4BACnet Service Broker: Distributed buildings as a unit

Via a RESTful API the i4BACnet Service Broker gives the user transparent access to the connected i4BACnet Runtime installations. Thus it can be installed in the cloud as well as in local networks. With the i4BACnet Service Broker distributed buildings can be brought together as a clear and understandable unit. Data can be accessed with any browser – regardless of location and device.

Via this interface, with i4connected the user can easily implement applications, such as energy management, remote monitoring, or alarm management as on-premises solutions and as cloud solutions and operate them cost-effectively.

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