Increase your productivity up to 80% - with the personalised user interface of WEBfactory!


In the new version 5.5 of the WEBfactory i4 platform we have implemented some changes to facilitate user’s work. A special highlight: the new, customisable and personal user interface. Now you can define, save and access your individual evaluations with one mouse click. You can also personalize the home page of your application according to your needs.
Thanks to the new user interface customization functions, we have clearly optimized the daily usage of WEBfactory i4 – and have increased your productivity several times.

  • You can now add or delete tiles with one single mouse click.
  • Using Drag and Drop, tiles can be re-arranged and their size can be changed.
  • You can create favorites lists for your filter settings – so you can use them again for all your evaluations.
  • You can set the view with the highest priority as your individual home page.
  • External documents, web links or PDF files can be easily integrated in the application.

With the new customization functions of WEBfactory i4 version 5.5, you are spending up to 80% less working time on evaluations and analyses. As recurrent, time-consuming filter configurations now belong to the past.
So now it's your turn: Start customising!

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