Efficient building management system with BACnet.

For the efficient operation of buildings and properties, the use of an optimal management and operating system (MBE) or building management system is indispensable.

Integrated solution for building management and energy management.

For the economic and efficient operation of buildings and their facilities, a comprehensive building management system is required. By using building management software, building operators can save many costs and react immediately to malfunctions. In addition, buildings and their facilities can be easily controlled and monitored remotely. All information is easily accessible and documented for authorised users and employees. With the help of energy management according to ISO 50001, resources can also be used optimally and the ecological footprint can be reduced sustainably.

Since most buildings and facilities today have a heterogeneous infrastructure with many manufacturers and protocols, it is important that you can also connect all systems regardless of manufacturer. BACnet has established itself here as a globally standardised and manufacturer-neutral communication protocol for building automation systems and is offered by many manufacturers. In many projects, BACnet certification is therefore also mandatory.

Products used.


Web-based management-operating system for your building management system. Certified as BACnet-AWS.


Web-based engineering platform for creating custom dashboards, SCADA and BMS applications.


IIoT platform for collecting all data in one central location. Certified according to ISO 50001.

This is how you implement your building management system with WEBfactory products.

Simple visualisation and monitoring.

By using pure web technology in HTML5, you can use the building visualisations on all end devices with modern browsers, whether tablet, laptop or smartphone. You can easily create your individual views, dashboards or process graphics without programming knowledge and via drag & drop to optimally depict your facilities. Colour coding, status displays or different fonts are no problem, because you can choose from more than 1000 symbols and use them freely.

Control from everywhere.

You can also easily control your buildings and systems via the user interface. Here you can change and adjust the setpoints, switch your systems or individual components of them, or view additional information.

You can also automatically switch states such as the outdoor lighting at dusk or the blinds in direct sunlight.

Manage access permissions easily.

To ensure that each user can only view the areas and use the functions assigned to him or her, you can control access rights via comprehensive role and rights management. Through the Active Directory integrations, you can easily import your existing users. In addition, many user management functions such as password policies are available to you.

Clear alerting.

To enable you to react appropriately to faults, you can see all messages clearly summarised in the alarm list. You can use filters to adapt them individually and view the history. You can freely define the messages, for example subdivided into alarms, operational and event messages. In addition, you can define the priorities, statuses, groups and assignments yourself, to match your BMS. Further functions such as escalation management, forwarding of alarms via email or SMS, and monitoring of acknowledgement are also available.

Evaluation and documentation.

For evaluation and documentation, you can use different trend and chart components to keep track of your buildings and facilities and their states. You can log the states into the database using rules and store them – by using data compression algorithms, the servers are used optimally and not unnecessarily.

Energy management according to ISO 50001.

i4connected as a superordinate system enables you to additionally set up a continuous energy management according to ISO 50001. You and the users can introduce various energy efficiency measures, evaluate them and track their implementation. In addition, consumption can be clearly displayed, distributed to individual areas, buildings or properties. Consumption can also be allocated by defining cost centres. All information can be sent to you and other users regularly and automatically as a report by e-mail.

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