Holistic energy management for maximum resource efficiency.

Effective energy management is more important than ever – to minimise CO2 emissions and save costs. Those who sustainably reduce their resource and energy consumption make a significant contribution to the environment and the company’s success. i4connected enables you to easily do that.

Energy management with i4connected – sustainable and energy-efficient.

Energy costs are an essential factor for efficient and environmentally friendly operations. Visually displaying and managing the various consumptions across locations and in real time is often a challenge. With i4connected, we offer companies a smart approach to increase their energy efficiency. In this way, costs can be significantly reduced and, in addition, legal requirements can be complied with. With i4connected, you gain a quick overview of all relevant energy data at the touch of a button – and make the right decisions at all times.

i4connected offers these advantages:

  • Company-wide energy management for one or more production sites, nationally and internationally
  • Production and media management through online recording of consumption data directly in the production process
  • Smart energy management for distributed properties 100 percent transparency of energy consumption in all areas
  • Demand-oriented billing of energy costs
  • Distribution of costs to cost centres via distribution key

With i4connected you will achieve your goals.

Digitize energy management.

Increase energy efficiency.

Protect the environment and climate.


Graphically represent the achieved and potential savings in the audit

Visualize real-time consumption via SCADA functions

Quickly identify the biggest consumers


Receive a government grant from the BAFA funding programme

Calculate a wide range of KPIs with integrated formula editor

Use web-based solution with mobile app on all devices

The functions and advantages of i4connected at a glance.

Digitizing the energy transition with i4connected.

Digitalization makes it possible to smartly network energy consumption and energy generation. This saves you valuable time, because i4connected works in real time – all data is available at the touch of a button, worldwide and beyond location boundaries. Thanks to 100 % HTML5-based operation, information can be easily accessed via any end device and any browser. This reduces complexity in day-to-day business: employees can easily evaluate the energy data of all locations, from the top-level overview to the individual cost center.

With i4connected, you can also combine your energy data with other company data (for example from an ERP system) in order to evaluate the relationship between energy costs and output – and to make economically sensible decisions.

By visualizing the energy flows in the company, the greatest savings potentials quickly become apparent. This is where you can start: Optimize consumption and increase your operational energy efficiency in the long term.

Sustainability pays off.

Seamless energy management is indispensable for the sustainable use of resources. Highly efficient technologies make it possible to give priority to renewable energies. The consumption of fossil fuels can thus be significantly reduced. This is not only good for the climate, but also for the balance sheet. Sustainability pays off – on the technical, economic and communication levels.

Holistic energy controlling is an effective tool to increase the resource efficiency of the entire company. With i4connected, you can monitor your energy-intensive plants and machines as well as all buildings (which account for a large share of primary energy consumption).

In addition, you can use machine learning to predict patterns in energy consumption – such as load peaks – and counteract them accordingly. Through automated reports and alarms, employees receive notification and can react accordingly. In addition, certain consumption units can be automatically switched off to cushion peak loads.

Sustainability Up, Environmental Pollution Down.

VW Factory in Wolfsburg increases Energy Efficiency with System from WEBfactory.

In Wolfsburg, Volkswagen uses an energy management system developed together with WEBfactory – and has managed to reduce the energy consumption of the main plant by 25 percent in eight years. However, this is only a milestone: the car manufacturer is continuously pursuing its strategy for more sustainability in production.

Saving resources and achieving climate targets.

The German government has adopted ambitious climate targets in its “Climate Protection Plan 2050”: By 2050, 80 percent of primary energy consumption is to be saved in this country. This would mean that Germany would make an appropriate contribution to keeping global warming in check. Industry is also challenged. Weak points must be systematically identified and eliminated step by step. With i4connected, you can do just that: identify potential savings, introduce optimization measures, monitor them during implementation and evaluate them after implementation.

With a certified energy management system, you contribute to achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. You also reduce your company’s direct and indirect CO2 emissions – with a positive impact on the corporate carbon footprint.

Benefit from the BAFA subsidy with i4connected.

As of 1 January 2019, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control has simplified the promotion of energy efficiency in companies.

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