Your control centre in intralogistics.

With i4SCADA as a control centre, you can easily visualise your entire intralogistics in state-of-the-art HTML5 interfaces and make them available to all necessary users and operators.

Visualise all processes and systems for easier understanding of the processes, simpler monitoring and convenient operation of your systems.

Demands on logistics systems are continuously increasing, as the volume in many areas will increase in the future. For example, the volume of parcels is expected to increase in the future, making parcel sorting centres and their infrastructure increasingly important. Likewise, the number of air passengers per year is increasing, making baggage handling at airports more and more important. These are just two examples that illustrate the great importance of intralogistics in daily life. Accordingly, the smooth running and operation of such systems is crucial for efficiency, speed, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

A remedy for this is i4SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisiton), which acts as a central interface between systems and their operators. This provides maintenance staff with rapid support for fault clearance and analysis of any problems that arise. Aggregated information, system statuses and detailed information on individual system components are displayed in real time and on all end devices.

Products used.


For creating custom dashboards and cloud scada applications.


Optimiertes Bedienen und Beobachten mit Statistik- und Reportingfunktionen.


IIoT platform to collect all data in one central point.

General overview of the facilities and drilldown in detail view.

In the general overview, the statuses of all systems and processes are displayed clearly and in real time. This means that operators and service personnel can also see all statuses graphically. Via detailed views, you can view and evaluate all information on individual areas of the systems and thus intervene in time in case of malfunctions.

Take over control if necessary.

If required, the control of all system parts can be taken over directly via the web interface. In this way, employees can switch off individual parts of the systems, control them manually or adjust the automatic control. This means that changes can be reacted to immediately in order to optimise throughput times and efficiency.

Alarms with email dispatch.

Via the alarm list, you and your staff can see all active messages of the systems. Each message has a certain priority, the assigned group, the signal name as well as the device and message text. Here you can easily acknowledge the alarms, add comments or display help texts. You can use filters to customise the display and navigate directly to the objects that triggered the alarm or message. In addition, depending on the priority, certain messages can also be forwarded by e-mail or SMS so that you can act immediately.

Historical data clearly visualised.

You can easily display and analyse historical data via diagrams such as line or bar charts. For example, you can plan maintenance operations in advance when the signs are there, or find out the cause in case of malfunctions.

Extensive user management.

With the comprehensive user management, you can assign permissions within the projects. You can also use your Active Directory to easily control users and access. Depending on the authorisation of the users, elements in the user interface can thus be hidden or made inactive: Of course, the observer does not get all the rights that an operator or even an administrator has. This protects you and your users from incorrect settings and avoidable failures.

i4connected for cross-location analyses.

As a higher-level system, you can also use our IIoT platform i4connected. Hosted on premise or in the cloud, it can read out and process all information from i4SCADA. This allows you to create automatic reports, analyses of downtime frequencies and alarm statistics. This is possible for individual locations and plants as well as for all locations.

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