Remote monitoring and control of mobile power generators.

Save time and money with remote monitoring of your generators in operation. Send service personnel only when necessary. Know where your equipment is at all times and be notified immediately of any problem.

Keep track of your equipment and its performance around the world. Manage your fleet and take action when needed.

Mobile power generators serve many purposes these days. They are used in various remote locations where there is no power supply or in places where an additional power supply is needed. This ranges from manufacturing and construction to remote offshore locations and events such as festivals. In order to satisfy your customers in each use case and area, your equipment must function reliably and continuously. Remote monitoring and IoT become crucial in such applications to keep operations running.

With WEBfactory products, you can benefit from a range of features and applications designed and developed specifically for your use case. With the full flexibility of our software, you can customise everything according to your needs.

Products used


IIoT platform to collect all data in one central location.


Create custom dashboards and cloud SCADA applications.

Remote monitoring of generator sets around the world.

Imagine being able to see all the live values of all your generators in the field in real time, in a system that is easily accessible to you and your colleagues. With the help of historical data, you can decide on the next steps, what needs to be improved and changed. Analyze all your equipment with ease and in the depth you need. Calculate custom KPIs, no matter what you want to display. Remaining operating hours? Fuel levels of all generators? This is standard functionality and available out of the box.

Location monitoring and tracking.

You can easily monitor the location of your entire fleet. Each generator that sends its geographical location can be displayed on the map. Keep track of the units as they are transported to their intended destination. Receive notifications when your units are moved outside the designated area. Or track the historical movements of your devices with ease.

Alarms in case of deviations.

Receive notifications when one of your generators needs the attention of your service teams. Reduce unnecessary maintenance trips and improve customer service with full control of your equipment in the field – at any time from any location. If someone tries to steal fuel from one of your generators, your service teams will be notified immediately. With escalation policies, you can ensure that important messages are seen and dealt with.

manage customers who have rented generators.

You can manage your entire fleet by assigning it to specific organisational units. This way you always have an overview of which customer has rented which unit. You can perform KPI calculations, reporting and visualisations based on organisational structures, always taking into account all relevant units for each customer.

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