Reliable process monitoring for water treatment and water supply.

Monitor your water treatment, water supply or pumping stations centrally in one system, no matter where they are located in the world. With the help of i4connected as an IIoT platform, you can implement new business models, share dashboards with customers and provide more efficient service.

Remote monitoring for water supply systems and water treatment plants.

Water is a limited resource and the consumption and use of water is continuously increasing. To ensure that we have a sufficient and good supply of water now and in the future, extensive processes are required in water and wastewater treatment or water supply. With the right treatment, water cycles remain fresh and clean for our environment. The use of water and wastewater depends heavily on the application and must be carefully monitored, whether in industrial processes or by communities as drinking and wastewater. Whether you supply, rent or operate water treatment plants, it is necessary to have all important data and information available to control all processes in the best possible way.


IIoT platform to collect all data in one central system


To create custom dashboards and cloud scada applications

Overview of all plants.

You get a simple overview of all your water treatment equipment, whether it is stationary or mobile rental equipment. You can see all relevant information of your plant, such as water quality or flow rate, at a glance. You can display the view for devices individually, but also combined if there are several devices at one location.

New and attractive business models for you and your customers.

Having all relevant information in real-time gives you the opportunity to use new business models for rental and stationary water treatment plants. In IIoT, usage-based pricing and offers are on the rise. This gives you new options to consider for your business as all the necessary data is quickly and easily available.

User-defined dashboards for plants, customers and employees.

You can create custom dashboards for any type of machine or plant, and they can be easily reused for all machines of the same type. This allows you to significantly reduce engineering time. Additionally, you can give each customer access to their specific dashboards. With custom KPI calculations such as water flow, energy consumption, permeability or performance, you can easily customize the entire system to your needs.

Precisely controlled access rights.

You can use the built-in, granular user management to give your customers access to all the plants they are currently using. This gives you an overview of all your customers and your entire fleet, and each customer can only see their deployed plants. Customer data is stored securely and can only be accessed with valid user rights.

Efficient service for predictive maintenance.

By using the alarm management functionalities, all relevant alarms and events can be accessed in one central place. You can forward them to specific employees or send messages automatically in the form of e-mail and SMS based on escalation rules. In this way, you can organize your entire portfolio of services very efficiently. With our built-in analytics, you can analyze all KPIs and values in detail and proactively maintain your plants.

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