All your wind turbines clearly visualized.

For all technical equipment in operation, it is important to know continuously that everything is running. No matter whether it’s a wind turbine, a transformer station, onshore or offshore.

Gain insight into the condition of your wind turbines.
In real time and from anywhere.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing technologies in the renewable energy sector and its use is continuously increasing. New wind farms are being built all over the world all the time. As the number of installed wind turbines increases, so does the need for remote monitoring and maintenance. Especially for turbines that have been in operation for a long time, it is necessary to monitor all technical data in real time in order to avoid unplanned failures and malfunctions. The more efficient the service routines and maintenance work are, the more economically the wind farm can be operated. With i4connected, you can monitor all your wind farms around the globe, get real-time insights and decide on the next steps to keep them running as smoothly as possible.

Products used.


IIoT platform to collect all data in one central location.


For creating custom dashboards and cloud SCADA applications.

Remote monitoring of wind turbines around the world in real time.

You receive all information about your wind turbines in real time. You can monitor and analyze all relevant parameters of your wind turbines in the field, such as wind speed, electricity production, rotor speed, wind direction and availability. i4connected includes full remote control and monitoring of your wind turbine for the best performance. You can even start, stop or reset your wind turbines remotely with one click.

Mobile Dashboards.

Get all the relevant information from your wind turbines in your pocket – your dashboards adapt to all device sizes and can be accessed securely from any web browser on any device, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Historical data, reports and charts.

With historical data, you can analyse the performance of your turbines over the long term and compare time periods and turbines with each other. You can visualize all relevant parameters such as wind speed, electricity production, rotor speed, wind direction and availability over specific periods of the last years. With automatic and scheduled reports, you get all the necessary information based on a calendar schedule specific to each user. All reports can be downloaded as PDF or Excel for further data processing.

Alarms and alarm history.

With i4connected you get access to all alarm management functions, alarm history and alarm statistics out of the box. Through the use of escalation profiles and service teams, alarms can be precisely routed to responsible persons to take the right action. Important alarms are automated and sent immediately via SMS or email.

Advanced performance information.

i4connected contains various advanced performance information such as detailed energy production, power curves and turbine data. All parameters are displayed graphically to provide the best possible overview. All turbine data and diagrams can be downloaded and exported to PDF or Excel. This allows you to tune your turbine to the conditions on site to achieve maximum efficiency.

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